Integrated safety systems

For companies, industrial plants, public spaces

SINT provides advanced skills for the study of integrated safety systems, perfect for large businesses, shopping centres, industrial plants, data processing centres, detention centres, banks, harbours, airports, public spaces of any kind. Safety and burglar systems, fire alarms and smoke detection systems, TVCC circuits, special electronic equipment for hazard detection or door surveillance: these are just a few of the solutions we developed over time.

Our company was established in 1990 and we provide comprehensive advice for the management of each process, starting from the preliminary study up to the plant manufacturing and its testing procedure. SINT provides a safety system management global engineering service, dealing directly with every detail with the utmost professionalism, extensive engineering knowledge, sector qualification, maximum flexibility in the development of every solution and a synergetic vision of all aspects concerning safety.

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SINT provides a highly efficient operating procedure which has been consolidated over time, that guarantees to pay attention to every need, system customisation, maximum final satisfaction. The manufacturing process may be summarized in three phases.

Risk analysis

Observation and compilation of complete documents concerning the situation under examination, in terms of risk and provision already adopted by the customer.

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Intervention program

Suggestion of equipment, new systems and any implementation, with cost and cost/benefit ratio evaluation.

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Development and manufacturing

Complete scheduling and management of intervention, executive design, work management, testing, norms and maintenance.

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► Risk management

Study of all safety strategies, on the basis of the analysis of data and needs, to identify and face in a coordinated manner all main risks for each environment, with the research of integrated solutions.

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► Building automation

Study of the feasibility, scheduling and fulfilment of automation intervention for the structure defence, burglar systems, fire alarm systems, anti-attacks, evacuation procedure and access control.

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► Testing

Complete management of all useful operation to establish the consistency and the functioning of all supply parts, with drafting of reports at the end of each phase.

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► Work direction

SINT takes full responsibility for the control and coordination of the implementation activity carried out by the companies in charge of the execution of the works, so as to be the single interlocutor for the customer.

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► Supplies

SINT employs selected and specialised companies from the definition of needs and operations to finding locations and execution for the ‘turn-key’ management of all works.

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► Tender specifications

Direct care of the drafting phase of technical and functional specification of provisions to carry out, in a precise and unambiguous manner, in order to allow a correct choice of all suppliers.

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► Plants designs

Direct care of the detail design of safety, electrical, technological control plants, in compliance with company consolidated standards and according to the most advanced Italian and international regulations.

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► Comparison of offers

This activity requires an outstanding professionalism because of the evolution and differentiation of the market, which frequently does not confine itself to present different economical offers, but it also proposes technical suggestions.

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► Product and system design

SINT is able to satisfy any specific need thanks to the development of functional and/or construction projects of the necessary equipment that are not available on the market. This represents a valuable aid, as a guarantee of maximum flexibility.

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► Centralisation of the plants

SINT is an Italian leader for what concerns safety systems centralization projects, thank to highly qualifying experiences, to a continuous update and to a network of trusted collaborators.

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► Regulations

Complete support for the adaptation of electrical, air conditioning and safety Italian regulations (law 626, law 46/90, fire prevention certificate, plant compliance).

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Enabling fire safety procedures




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